Estate Liquidations

Why choose a used furniture business for an estate liquidation? Well, this business was actually a liquidation business first before the retail store existed. The retail furniture business came as a result of doing home liquidations and needing a place to sell all the great furniture and decorative items we were finding. This store is actually a benefit to people that need a liquidation. Most of the time we can just buy your items directly from you as inventory for our store and make the liquidation that much easier. Most estate clearing businesses charge you where in our case we can pay you instead. We have been liquidating estates for over 10 years and work with any situation to make the whole process pretty seamless. Most estates can be cleared within 2 days. Want more info on this process? Click one of the links on this page to contact us and get the process rolling.


Email us and give us a little information on your situation and get the ball rolling.

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