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Our Story

     In 2011, my brother and I were bored and fed up with searching for work during the huge recession. Instead of sitting around doing nothing, we began making some extra cash selling random items on Craigslist out of my brothers garage in south Reno. After we listed and sold everything we had, we started frequenting some of the local auction houses to find some deals and pick up more things to sell. With some serious ambition and the willingness to try anything, we moved out of the garage and picked up a storage unit to fill full of all kinds of things to sell. We sold more and bought more. Reinvesting our cash to buy all sorts of things. From small collectibles to snow blowers, we had it all.


     We quickly outgrew one storage and moved into two more. Our inventory grew quick. We began selling tools, garden equipment, and even cars. We turned a corner when we were presented the opportunity to liquidate a huge office complex and purchase a few hundred pieces of office furniture. With this purchase, we needed a place to store our huge purchase. We found a large 10,000 square foot warehouse on Prototype Way in south Reno in March of 2012. In about 6 months time we had taken our small garage operation to massive scale. At that point, we began buying everything. Electronics. Restaurant equipment. You name it, we had it and sold it. We continued to use Craigslist as our main source of selling things. Buy something, clean it up, list it, and make a few more dollars to do it again. Our warehouse pretty much became a swap meet of sorts. At one point there was everything from used clothing to juke boxes. The front part of the warehouse was set up as a showroom of sorts and we began using it to stage furniture and decorative pieces. With the recession at its worst, people were looking to sell while other people were saving money and buying used. We just happened to be ambitious right in the middle of it. In January of 2013, we lost our lease on the warehouse and had 30 days to vacate.


     With a short time frame, inventory was liquidated and we moved back into the storage unit and began looking for a new location to open a full blown retail operation. On January 4th, 2013, we moved into our current location on Moana Lane. The building had been previously occupied by Laz-Y-Boy furniture and another consignment furniture store so it was set up perfectly for what we needed. We opened our doors on March 4th 2013 and began making deals. It hasn't stopped since. We continue to build the business and our clientele. All the time continuing to list our inventory how we always have on Craigslist. We don't spend money on advertising and we don't have a team of people working for us. It's just me and my brother, with a little help from family and friends. If you haven't been by our store, come by and check it out and say hi. We really do think you'll be impressed. 


We really appreciate the business we have and look forward to many more years selling in Reno. Thank You!

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