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Our Showroom

Our showroom is probably not what you would expect out of a used furniture store. We offer a clean, comfortable atmosphere for you to really just come and hang out in . If you are buying furniture for your home, we want it to look and feel the same way it would in your own house. We stage and decorate or vignettes to make it feel the way you would find pieces in your home. These photos are a small sampling of the types of things we get in our 8,500 square foot showroom to help you gauge the quality and variety of things we get in.  Please understand, this is not an inventory of current pieces but rather a visual representation of the diversity of our selection. Since we turn inventory so quickly, there is really no way to keep a visual inventory of the items we have in our showroom. We would literally be posting hundreds of photos every week. We price items to sell and have such a huge turnover so there is no way to see it all unless you visit the showroom. It really has become a place to just stop by and hang out. We are not into high pressure sales. We take an extremely casual approach to sales. If you don't want to buy something, we are not going to convince you to. We have FREE COFFEE TOO! Stop by and check it out for yourself.

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