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Our Fabulous 8,500 Square Foot Showroom

When we originally started this business, we were working in a 10,000 industrial warehouse in South Reno on Prototype Drive. There was a small showroom type area but it was mainly warehouse space where we sold everything from restaurant equipment to used office supplies. As we developed our buying strategy, we began to change our focus on mainly dealing with used furniture and home decorative items. The consignment style stores were booming and we kind of found our place in that market. Unfortunately, we lost the lease on our building at the end of 2012. So we set out to find something that better suited our needs. Some place were we could make feel like a home that was easy for our customers to find. In February of 2013 we found our showroom on Moana and opened March 4th of the following month. We haven't looked back since. It has been a whirlwind of moving pieces in and out. We have made lots of deals and lots of friends at the same time. We look forward to keeping this business going for a long time and making more deals and more friends along our journey. We thank all our customers for their support.


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