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Highlight - Vintage 1940's Hand Forged Aluminum Serving Cart Designed by Russel Wright

We are highlighting this very unique 1940's hand forged aluminum serving cart. It is signed by Everlast Metal Productions Corporation of New York City. According to the Henry Ford Museum, Everlast collaborated with industrial designer Russel Wright in the early 1940's, and this cart was the result. The "Falling Leaves" pattern that appears in the metal work was designed by Wright's wife, Mary. The two-tier rolling cart is ornamented with an incised leaf design on a hammered background. It is displayed with it's original hand forged serving dishes. There are also places to fit a few bottles of your favorite liquor. The cart is very well constructed. It is heavy enough to be durable and light enough to be easily moved on the rolling wheels. The cart measures 43 inches long. 19 3/4 inches wide. and 32 1/2 inches tall. The trays are detachable and all the serving pieces can be removed. It looks as though the cart was made with the ability to be colapsed down for easy shipping and storage. There are 18 separate pieces within this cart. That count includes all the trays, serving dishes, their lids, and even a small aluminum spoon in one of the dishes. This piece was discovered in the back of a storage unit in Reno, Nevada during a clearout. Needless to say, we were quite amazed when we saw it. It is a pretty rare find for a quality, American made piece of history. It is available for sale in our showroom as well as being listed on eBay. I don't expect it to be around long.

Click here for the eBay link to this piece. (More Photos Also)

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